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Premium Consultants

Our team of consultants have worked with many of the biggest names in Financial Services, Technology, and Banking. Whether you are concerned about GDPR compliance or cyber security, we can give you a team of dedicated specialists focussed on meeting your business needs.

Tailored Plan

We understand that every business has different priorities and requirements in both GDPR and cyber security. On your behalf, we identify threats and gaps through a comprehensive assessment phase before giving you a robust, highly tailored plan to tackle GDPR, cyber security – or both.

Solid Investment

For businesses in the digital era, data and technical infrastructure are major assets. By investing wisely in your data privacy, GDPR, and cyber security, you’ll avoid costly breaches or hefty fines. An outsourced service from our team at Apex will also cost much less than employing a full-time role.

Measurable Performance

We know that GDPR compliance and cyber security can be complex areas that are hard to assess and measure. We create security and compliance programmes with KPIs built in. While robust reporting also ensures you can keep key stakeholders informed in all aspects of GDPR, cyber security, or both.

Offering you two core areas of expertise

GDPR Data Protection Consultants

GDPR Compliance

Find out more about how we can provide your business with an outsourced Data Protection Officer and how we can guarantee you achieve full GDPR compliance

Cyber Security

Avoid data breaches. Benefit from our outsourced Cyber Security Management solution and keep your systems, data, and networks safe and secure

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By combining experienced consultants with a focus on understanding your business specific needs in GDPR and cyber security, we can offer you an outsourced solution you can depend on.

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As IT security threats grow and data regulations become more stringent, cyber security and GDPR compliance must evolve and develop to meet this changing landscape. Visit our Trust Centre and find out how we keep on top of developments in our sector in order to provide you with the best quality service

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