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Data Protection is a strategic priority for modern businesses, especially B2B and SaaS companies. But few have complete confidence in their ongoing ability to keep up with emerging data privacy regulations. Working with Apex Privacy will give you that confidence.

We have a proven record of applying international data requirements for global organisations

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Failure to comply with global data protection laws can carry a host of issues for your business. Avoid long and tedious court cases and fines up to €20 million, which could get to 4% of your company turnover. To identify your company compliance level, take our free assessment today!

Why Apex?

We are your full-service data protection compliance agency

Our mission is to enable our clients to get the maximum value out of their data while respecting the rights of individuals and the laws of the countries they operate in. We encourage innovation and the creative use of data in a fair and transparent way. We believe that respect for data protection is a fundamental aspect of the advancement of technology and humanity.

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Enjoy all of the benefits of an in-house DPO at a fraction of the cost of employing.


Work directly with our certified team of data privacy specialists, leveraging our years of experience working with B2B and SaaS companies to your business advantage.

Agile & Equiped

We are agile and confident in our approach to get your company compliant.


We work closely with clients to identify risks and deliver data privacy programs according to their specific goals and needs.

GDPR Compliance is Complex And Always Evolving

We are here to take the headache away

GDPR compliance can take the time, expertise, and resources your business doesn’t have. We are here to keep you in compliance with global data privacy laws and regulations while you focus on growing your business


Data Protection is a vital aspect for any business, especially for tech companies, and it all boils down to trust. Apex services provide business owners with the kind of confidence that clients recognize and appreciate so that the trust pays forward.

Structured Approach

Our flexible compliance program is personalized to bring accountability according to your business-specific needs.


The ever-changing data protection regulations can overwhelm businesses and startups. We will continue to monitor and maintain your business safe and up-to-date with emerging regulations.

Apex was a massive weight of our shoulders.Senior management were hugely impressed with the way Apex audited us first before presenting the solutions. I have to say this is the first time ever that a project has been this painless for me personally.

Alan Leach

CEO, West Wood Club

The framework received praise both internally and externally for its clarity. The Apex team acted as a true partner, collaborating openly and transparently to assure all needs were met. Their time-oriented and prepared work ethic set the foundation for a lasting partnership.

Kevin Michaels-Kim

VP Production & Innovation, Merakoi

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Non-compliance isn’t worth the Risk

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For established businesses and startups, Apex Privacy is here to help you comply with data protection regulations across the globe.

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