Apex Privacy Recognized for Having Great Customer Service

Apex Privacy Recognized for Having Great Customer Service

Apex Privacy Recognized for Having Great Customer Service

Although the consulting industry is booming, there’s disruption on the way. Only consulting firms that recognize the limitations of their existing business model while exploring opportunities that tap into emerging technologies and new delivery models will have the best chance of thriving.

You’re in good hands. We’re doing exactly that.

For those clients who have trusted us with your business consulting, cybersecurity, and corporate training needs, we thank you. This has helped us become one of the top consulting firms in Ireland.

We recently received a 5-star review from Coglide, a customer intelligence platform based out of Washington, D.C. Our partner engaged with us to understand GDPR privacy law and learn about how it applies to the marketing and sales of a product. They wanted to apply privacy by design principles to their product.

After an initial discovery call, our team members reviewed their legal documents and prepared new ones. We provided consultations around and answered all of our partner’s questions about GDPR and privacy.

As a result, our client updated their privacy page and related agreements as well as improved their dataflows for privacy compliance.

“It was easy to connect with them. . . They’re in the ground-zero of GDPR, with much deeper knowledge than others we’ve talked to, who often used fear tactics to try to win our project.” –CEO, Coglide

Another one of our happy clients is a market research firm that asked us to help them understand the GDPR framework along with identifying any implications the new privacy laws would have on their business and clients.

The chief product officer of the firm elaborated about the engagement in an online review. They explained, “We started with a few surface-level conversations, then dove deeper into the concept. We brainstormed different ways to use and share data while still remaining compliant with the privacy laws.”

In the end, we put together a concrete set of guidelines to implement in their operations and share with their clients. Feedback from our partner’s clients were largely positive, highlighting the clarity of our approach. 

“I really appreciate the level of support and personalization in their customer service. They’ve truly been a great partner. They’re in tune to our needs and skillfully adapt to meet our requests, even when we deviate from the initial scope of the project.” –Chief Product Officer, Merakoi

You can also find us on The Manifest, where we’re recognized for being one of the top business consulting companies in the world!

Don’t forget to get in touch.We’re here to help you get your business complaint! 

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