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Company Background

Mocha Global, headquartered in New York is a company that provides AI technologies for effective commerce experiences. Businesses of all sizes use their solutions and services to create personalized shopping experiences, allowing users to search faster and shop effortlessly. Another string of the Mocha business bow is Keemoji. 

Keemoji believes in creating immersive mobile-first environments where people can connect with teams, entertainers, and creators they love. They do this by developing personalized keyboard applications, with major football teams and universities from all over the US being amongst their biggest clients.


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Apex stepped in as Mocha’s Data Protection Officer (DPO). Our first order of business was to send out a DPO questionnaire so that we could better understand the company structure and the services they provided. We then used their services and installed their applications ourselves so we could experience the product first-hand.

Afterwards, we carried out a data processing impact assessment (DPIA) to verify if the new tools were compliant with the privacy frameworks, GDPR and CCPA. The data processing agreement (DPA) between Mocha Global and their clients was also revised and we had talks with representatives from these companies to ensure transparency and agreement.

Once the green light was given to move forward, it was time to do a data mapping exercise. We created a spreadsheet with all of the data collected, evaluated it, and classified the data according to Apple Store questionnaire requirements. Finally, we worked with them to build a transparent and accurate privacy policy.


We are still working with Mocha Global as much has to be done before we can achieve full compliance. However, the major and more urgent concerns were dealt with successfully and within the short timeframe required by the company.

Now, Mocha Global can safely integrate with the new tools and collect the data they desire without having to worry about negative actions from the supervisory authorities.

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