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LUQEL aims to revolutionise how we drink water through their development of water stations that use mineral ions in combination with a multi-stage filtration system to provide personalised water recipes to its users.

LUQEL have also developed re-usable bottles to reduce the pollution caused by plastic bottles, and created an app that calculates your optimal water consumption based on your lifestyle and even your weather.

LUQEL required help to ensure that its policies and procedures complied with European legislation. In particular, LUQEL needed correct paperwork for accountability purposes, clearer maps for data flows, and help responding to data subject requests. High staff turnover also meant that new employees were often unaware of compliance procedures, further muddling the company’s data streams.


The initial priority was to understand the flow of data through LUQEL. Apex met with each department to understand how they collect, process and retain data. This informed the policies and procedures required for each department, as well as mapping how data subject requests are actioned. By working with each department, Apex reduced risk and educated staff across all departments on GDPR, which in turn reduced the loss of knowledge when a staff member left LUQEL. With clearer data management protocols in place, new staff could also be effectively trained when joining the company.

Apex then worked with departments across LUQEL to create a finalised Records of Processing Activities that meets the Article 30 requirements under the GDPR, and has assisted in assigning a lawful basis for its processing activities.

Thanks to Apex, LUQEL now also has a formalised procedure for responding to data subject requests. Apex has assisted LUQEL to understand what information must be retained or deleted once a data subject request has been received, and has created formal documentation to track requests and respond appropriately.

During the coronavirus pandemic, LUQEL’s priorities have shifted given the restrictions on travelling to work and in the production of their products. Apex has accommodated these changes and adapted its approach to this project in line with LUQEL’s needs.


Apex’s work with LUQEL has helped ensure compliance with legislative requirements, allowing the company to continue trading and communicating with customers effectively.

Beyond this, it has also provided major benefits to Human Resources. LUQEL now has clearer data streams, making it easier for existing staff to request access and for new team members to process customer data correctly. This translates to a time and resource saving for LUQEL, enabling them to focus on product development, marketing and strategy.

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