Merakoi is a Swiss-based company which enables healthcare companies to develop more patient centric solutions and treatments. Merakoi achieves this by using social media to identify advocates, patients and former patients for a range of diseases and health issues.

The data generated is highly confidential, both in terms of patients’ medical histories and sensitive corporate data, and it is essential that the company has flawless bespoke compliance plans and data protections in place. Only by doing this can it reduce the risk to its business and satisfy patients and clients that their private information is secure.


Merakoi appointed Apex in 2018 to act as its official GDPR Data Protection Officer and to create a long-term framework to protect the company and its clients’ information.

To achieve this, Apex works proactively as part of the Merakoi team. Biweekly video conferences give Merakoi a regular chance to request and ask questions, as well as allowing Apex to cater for any new projects, procedures or processing activities that require plans to be tailored. As well as these scheduled calls, Apex is available at Merakoi’s convenience to answer any ad hoc questions and encourage a culture of continuous improvement.

One of the key benefits of the partnership has been Apex training individual Merakoi staff to ensure that all team-members are aware of their roles and responsibilities when it comes to GDPR, maximizing compliance at all stages of the company’s work.

As Merakoi uses social media to identify its patient experts, Apex’s plan also focuses on ensuring that Merakoi conducts Legitimate Interest Assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the data subjects.

The patient experts that Merakoi collaborate with may be individuals, registered as sole traders, or may be associated with a limited company. Apex has worked with Merakoi to understand the nature of these relationships and tailor the data protection clauses that are included in contracts accordingly.


Ultimately, Apex’s work plays a fundamental role in helping Merakoi to identify the right patient experts to add value to their products. Apex’s work then allows Merakoi to build trust with both patients and clients, supporting transparent discussions that lead to new and enhanced treatments, therapies and medications. Merakoi have been delighted with the partnership and have since started a second project with Apex.

Highlighted Quote:

“The Apex team act as a true partner, collaborating openly and transparently to assure all needs are met. I really appreciate the level of support and personalization in their customer service. Their time-oriented and prepared work ethic set the foundation for a lasting partnership. Our clients appreciate the clarity of our approach, and it’s opened up new business opportunities”

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Merakoi 

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