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Company Background

Merakoi is a digital market research and patient engagement company, founded in 2016. They work with leading healthcare and science companies around the world and are headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Their program goes through a research-focused process with patient experts to understand patient journeys, daily routines, reveal and prioritize pain points, and digital opportunities that suit patient needs.

As Merakoi partner with medical companies that conduct research with individual patients and online influencers, they needed a vendor to help them navigate the GDPR framework and highlight any implications the new privacy laws would have on their business and clients.


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Initially, Apex engaged with Merakoi to help them better understand how GDPR applied to market research and social media analytics. We started with a few surface-level conversations, then dove deeper into the concept. We brainstormed different ways to use and share data while remaining compliant with the privacy laws. At the end of the initial project, Apex provided a concrete set of guidelines to implement in Merakoi’s operations and share with their clients.

After the GDPR assessment, we stepped in as Merakoi’s Data Protection Officer (DPO). We now perform data processing impact assessments whenever new partners need to be integrated, respond to data subject requests, update policies and procedures on a yearly basis and have monthly meetings with them to monitor their compliance status and define next steps.


“Feedback from our clients has been largely positive, which is pretty surprising. GDPR is a new and uncomfortable area for many of our clients, so we didn’t really expect such praiseful responses. Our clients appreciate the clarity of our approach, and it’s opened up new business opportunities. Internally, we’re also very happy with their work.

I really appreciate the level of support and personalization in their customer service. They’ve truly been a great partner. They’re in tune with our needs and skillfully adapt to meet our requests, even when we deviate from the initial scope of the project.”
Kevin Michaels-Kim
CEO & Co-founder at Merakoi

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