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Company Background

PeakData is a Swiss-based AI startup founded in 2017. The company is on a mission to alleviate the burden of medical affairs and commercial teams as they pave the way for new therapies and treatments from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs; trusted experts with experience in a particular field) in everything from engagement to commercialization. Its product, Healthscape, is a one-stop platform that consolidates public and proprietary data about KOLs and prescribers in real-time.

As PeakData’s target market is the pharmaceutical industry, their clients have high expectations when it comes to compliance. Since its early stages, PeakData relied on a Data Protection Officer (DPO) with a thorough understanding of health-related data. This is when Apex stepped in.


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To meet PeakData’s needs, we initially conducted a GDPR Assessment to review, in-depth, how PeakData would collect, use and secure personal data. It involved the identification of data flows through a comprehensive data discovery process and regular meetings with the senior management team. Apex then delivered the compliance report, including an overview of PeakData’s data processing activities, assessment of compliance and risks, in addition to recommendations and guidance on achieving full compliance.

As DPO, Apex implemented all the steps necessary for full compliance. We continue to oversee the execution of data subject requests and GDPR related complaints to make sure PeakData is up-to-date and compliant with all data privacy regulations.


PeakData continues to expand. In 2020 they opened a new office in London and they now have their own internal privacy team. The new head of legal and the new information security manager are working alongside Apex to update the previous policies and adjust them to the new business needs. PeakData is also aiming to obtain the ISO 27001 certification by the end of 2021. A goal that certainly became a lot easier to achieve once Apex stepped in.

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