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Progress Systems is the leading supplier of Credit Union solutions in Ireland and the UK. It has been supplying computer software, hardware and support to Credit Unions for over 25 years, with over 175 customers.

As a key part of a heavily regulated industry and with a wide-ranging business portfolio, it is vital for Progress Systems to ensure GDPR and data processing compliance across its records. However, the company faced a number of challenges in achieving compliance: Documentation was not consistent or formalised, contracts were not fully in place with processors and policies and procedures were outdated. Taken together, this meant there were increased data privacy risks, particularly for new projects.

the solution

Progress systems appointed Apex as their Data Protection Officer (DPO) in order to update its policies and documentation to meet accountability requirements.

As a Data Processor and Controller, Progress Systems are obligated to maintain Records of Processing Activities for both roles. Apex have reworked the documentation to ensure all relevant material is included, as well as providing training to heads of departments to ensure that staff have the knowledge and understanding to complete this documentation correctly.

As a Processor, Progress Systems must ensure that they notify the Controller of all subprocessors involved in the processing of data. Progress Systems have worked to obtain Data Protection Agreements with the Data Controllers and Sub-Processors to ensure compliance with their GDPR obligations, and ensure that the Data Controllers were provided with all requried information.

Apex staff meet with key stakeholders from Progress Systems every week. This helps to maintain regular and constructive dialogue, keeping compliance front of mind. It also ensures that Progress Systems staff have ample time to ask questions or discuss new challenges.


One key impact of Apex’s partnership with Progress Systems is significant long-term time saving. As Progress Systems expands and improves its services, Apex have acted in an advisory role to ensure that Privacy by Design is considered from the get-go. This has included recommendations around required Data Protection Impact Assessments, Risk Assessments and hosting training workshops with Web Developers.

The company can now embark on new projects with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that data generated or acquired is handled correctly and can be used for maximum commercial benefit.

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