West Wood Club is Dublin’s leading health and fitness provider. It operates six premium health clubs, offering gyms, swimming pools, group fitness studios, fitness classes, personal training, kids gym facilities and childcare.

Wood club has 35,000 members from infants to pensioners and every demographic in between. Having traded for nearly 30 years, West Wood Club holds a massive amount of stored data on members and former members, prospective members and staff.

The Club did not have the expertise to comply with GDPR. However, without doing so it risked having to give up a vital source of revenue and direct marketing which could have had a catastrophic impact on the business.


After initially trying to manage GDPR compliance internally, West Wood Club turned to Apex to offer its expert services and take the burden away from in-house staff to enable them to continue their regular duties.

Apex takes the hassle away from West Wood Club and ensures that all of the paperwork being processed by the Club, whether physical or online, is compliant. This means catering for the 20,000 new members filling out joining forms, health evaluations and direct debits. It also means ensuring that the data for the roughly 20,000 leaving members is handled correctly, and deleted or stored as appropriate.

Apex’s work with West Wood began with a GDPR audit to assess the scope of change required. Apex has since worked with West Wood to transform the areas identified by the audit. Management from the 6 locations meet with Apex staff weekly to discuss tasks and objectives.

Examples of changes introduced during the project include the amendment of direct marketing templates to ensure that consent withdrawal mechanisms are in place; new CCTV signage introduced in venues; new staff training modules mandated and the widescale digitalisation of application and health forms.


West Wood Club now has the peace of mind of knowing that it is fully GDPR compliant at the same time as being able to maintain regular contact with current and prospective clients. This maximises the commercial possibility for the client. As for its customers, they can continue to receive relevant and stimulating information about their health club facilities and events, whilst knowing that their permissions are being handled correctly and their personal data stored securely. The digitalisation programme has an additional benefit of streamlining the registration processes for facility users.

Apex’s work has also had an impact in future proofing the club, ensuring that it can expand further if it decides to do so. In 2016 for example, West Wood acquired 3 new clubs, and treating the inherited databases correctly was paramount to the Apex partnership. Through Apex, West Wood now has in place the right protocols to handle similar acquisitions in the future and ensure that it can capitalise on its legacy marketing and data collection in full.

Highlighted Quote:

“Apex was a massive weight of our shoulders. Senior management were hugely impressed with the way Apex audited us first before presenting the solutions. I have to say this is the first time ever that a project has been this painless for me personally. Both Tom and Paula have simply taken over the project and become part of the West Wood Club team.

They organise the audits and workshops with all management across all clubs and business units. They set up all the meetings with managers. And soon they will roll-out the strategies for being fully GDPR compliant.

And they have done all this without me having to do anything. This is so important as I have been able to stay focused on other projects we have going on around business development.
Everyone on our GDPR compliance team across all our clubs have loved working with Apex.. They all say Paula is an absolute pleasure to work with and Tom goes way above and beyond for West Wood Club.

If only all projects with external contractors worked this well.

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