Data Protection Officer As A Service

We provide Data Protecion Officer As A Service at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house DPO.

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The GDPR regulations came with a challenge for many businesses, the need to incorporate a new role, the data protection officer, to ensure data privacy compliance.

Apex has responded to this challenge by offering a team of certified specialists, with detailed knowledge of international privacy laws, who can offer tailored compliance solutions according to your business needs.

Business Benefits of Hiring Data Protection Officer

Whether if your business is required to appoint a DPO or not, outsourcing a DPO can benefit an organization in many ways:

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What we do for our clients

The DPO role varies based on your needs. At Apex, our data protection team offers a lot more than box-checking, we will work to develop a strategic, fluid, and practical compliance program. We take care to learn about your unique business needs and goals before conducting a review of the data you process.

Benefits of Having Apex as your Outsourced DPO

Once we’ve reached a strong level of mutual understanding on your needs and our role as your DPO, we will:

Case Study

Westwood club

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Client Testimonial

They set up all the meetings with managers and soon they will roll out the strategies for being fully GDPR compliant. They have done all this without me having to do anything. This is so important as I have been able to stay focused on other projects we have going on around business development. Everyone on our GDPR compliance team across all our clubs has loved working with APEX. If only all projects with external contractors worked this well.
Alan Leach
CEO, West Wood Club

Frequently Asked Questions:

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) oversees data privacy processes and deals with issues relating to the protection of their organization’s data and the data of their clients.

According to GDPR any organization that processes sensitive data on a large scale or monitors individuals on a regular, large scale or systematic basis should appoint a DPO. 

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