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By implementing a GDPR compliance program, you will reduce the risks for your business and build a relationship of trust with clients and partners.

The GDPR Compliance Assessment is the starting point to understand how your business is complying with the GDPR. By identifying gaps in your data processes, you will understand the compliance risks your business has, and get complete recommendations and support on what you need to do to achieve full compliance.

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Business Benefits of Being GDPR Compliant

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Apex GDPR Compliance Assessment Methodology

Our attested methodology consists of an in-depth review and diagnosis of your companys’ situation concerning the GDPR. We assess the current data management processes, evaluate how your company collects, uses, and secures personal data in every department, and identify gaps in its data processes that need to be covered to comply with the GDPR now and into the future.

How Our GDPR Assessment Works and What it Covers

Our team of data protection specialists identifies and interviews your company’s key team leaders (privacy champions) to determine the level of your compliance activities. We implement the following steps to ensure ease of data risk control and data management so you can keep your company safe while achieving your business goals.

1. Employee awareness tutorials

We identify key employees and provide support with the GDPR assessment processes through tailored documentation, such as questionnaires, forms, video tutorials on the GDPR essentials, and help on how to provide the information we need.

2. Discovery Workshop(s)

We conduct discovery workshops and staff interviews to understand, in detail, the current data processing activities in each department.

3. Documentation Review

We review all current data protection-related material, including all policies and procedures currently in place related to data protection.

4. Gap Assessment

We will complete an article-by-article review of the GDPR, identifying which articles apply to your company.

5. GDPR Compliance Report

We use our in-depth knowledge of the GDPR and the information gathered to produce the Compliance Report, including the overview of the company data processing activities, assessment of compliance and risks, as the recommendations, guidance, and a remediation plan considering all the requirements to fulfill, priorities, deadlines and those responsible for the needed actions to achieve full compliance.

Benefits of Our GDPR Compliance Assessment

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Client Testimonial

“They’re in the ground-zero of GDPR, with much deeper knowledge than others we’ve talked to, who often used fear tactics to try to win our project.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the core of European digital privacy and security legislation, with mandatory rules for how organizations and companies must use personal data in an integrity-friendly way.

The GDPR applies to any organization, EU or otherwise, that offers goods or services to or monitors EU data subjects' behavior. Regardless of whether the data processing takes place in the EU or not.