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Get your team ready for GDPR Compliance
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Building a data privacy culture within your business is the first step to being GDPR compliant. Apex privacy training is an introduction to GDPR policies and key terminologies tailored to educate employees, who process personal data, on what they need to do to ensure your organization complies with GDPR.

We know how data privacy regulations can impact a business, so we are here to equip your staff with the understanding of evolving data regulations and build the privacy program your business needs.

Apex Privacy Training Methodology

Getting data privacy wrong can result in significant fines and a bad brand reputation, we don’t want that! So our privacy training is focused on the real-life application of GDPR regulations. We create remote interactive sessions so your employees are engaged the whole time. We divide our training into two sessions:

Session 1

An introduction to data privacy that covers the key compliance regulations and concepts. If you are a startup, this session will also give you clarity on the controller and processor obligations you need to comply with.

Session 2

How to create a privacy program and implement it seamlessly within your business. This is where your team learns how to take their acquired knowledge to the next level!

The Benefits of Apex Privacy Training

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Client Testimonial

We now have guidance on how to prepare for this type of regulation and operate according to the law, which is important since the impacts of not abiding by GDPR are quite harsh.
Privacy Training
Ryan Stevens
Senior Manager, Clutch

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our privacy training is designed for senior management, managers responsible for personal data, and employees handling personal data.

According to Article 39 of the GDPR, an organization's Data Protection Officer must inform and advise all employees involved in data processing operations. In addition, it is important to know that non-compliance with the GDPR can result in disciplinary fines and brand damages to your business.

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