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Hiring a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO) is a no-brainer for companies that don’t already have an internal, dedicated cyber security executive. Virtual CISO consulting services are critical to helping you think strategically about your company information security practices, policies, and procedures, as well as providing you with a realistic roadmap towards helping you stay protected.

Protecting an organisation’s information and data continues to grow increasingly more complex. An Apex virtual CISO can help you develop and implement a security strategy tailored to your organisation, identify cyber security risks and define response, remediation or mitigation activities to reduce risk and the impact of a breach.And what makes virtual CISO advisory services so effective is that your virtual CISO team will be available on a moment’s notice in the event of a threat or breach detection.

Business Benefits of Using a Virtual CISO

Having the correct diagnosis of organizational risks related to information security has become a competitive differentiator for leading companies around the world. Since a  Chief Information Officer can be professionals with high six-figure salaries, as an alternative a vCiso can benefit an organisation in many ways:

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What we do for our clients

The vCISO role varies based on your organisation needs. Your Apex virtual CISO analyst will get to know your organisation inside and out, dive deep into your current information security policies, and come up with solutions tailored to your organisation.

Benefits of Having Apex as your Virtual CISO

Our vCISO service is designed to help you with:

Frequently Asked Questions:

A Chief Information Security Officer or CISO is basically a senior executive in the organisation responsible for the protection of computer systems, computer networks and sensitive information from cyber threats. The CISO has to establish the organisational vision with respect to risk management and protection of critical assets. The CISO role is complex and requires expert knowledge and diverse experience.


A Virtual CISO, as the name suggests, is an outsourced specialist who leads your organisation’s cyber security function and provides rich expertise remotely. Cybersecurity has quickly become the number one priority for many businesses across the globe and having the right kind of leadership at the helm of your IT and security can make all the difference today. 

When feel the need for hiring security leadership but cannot afford a full-time CISO, who are usually C-level executives with six-figure salaries. And also when feel the need for an external security advisor, but the requirement is not adequate to warrant hiring someone full time. In fact, you may realise that you don't actually need a CISO but a virtual information security manager and that requirement too can be fulfilled by most reputed VCISO service providers. 

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