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Our expert teams can help you manage and protect data, systems, and networks with a tailor-made CISO service

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Cyber security leadership you can believe in

Managing cyber security in your Saas compnany has never been more challenging. From time-consuming security questionnaires to costly data breaches and more, a specialist cyber security partner can look after all this for you – and let you focus on running your business or IT function.
Our team will help you develop and implement a security strategy tailored only to your business. On your behalf, we’ll identify risks, define treatment plans, measure performance, and keep your stakeholders happy.

How we can help you

Proven Experience

Our team of consultants have many years’ experience working with some of the world’s biggest names in Technology and Financial Services. You can benefit from our years of expertise with a full vCISO option, giving you the support, insight and advice you need.

Tailored plan

No one-size-fits-all and we work closely with you to develop a tailored plan that is dedicated to your cyber security concerns and risk exposures. We’ll get to know your organisation inside-out, assess your current information security policies, and come up with solutions tailored to your organisation.

Immediate response

Cyber security is so often time-dependent. And as your vCISO, you will have 24/7 access to our skills and expertise. We will work hard with your team to ensure all risks are minimised but in the event of any incidents, our response will be immediate and impactful.

What you’ll get with Apex Privacy

Management and Planning

We’ll review your Information Security strategy and help you develop policies and procedures in line with our revised strategy. From the start, we’ll assess your needs, develop security growth plans and create a clear plan of action.

Maintenance and Operations

In line with your overall cyber security strategy, we can look after the security activities queries you will face day to day. From security operations to questionnaires and queries, we’ll provide a complete operations service.

Implementation, Testing, and Development

We can give you regular reporting on project progress that will keep you updated on risks as you need to know them. We can also offer support on achieving certification standards like ISO27001, ISO27701, PCI DSS, PCI PIN.

Management and Planning

For your company, we’ll lead all implementation projects, and facilitate penetration tests, scans, security assessments and analysis as required. We also create awareness campaigns and can stage simulations for phishing and other concerns.

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Talk to us about your cyber security needs today. With a dedicated vCISO, you can protect systems, networks , and data with confidence and certainty