Outsource Your GDPR Compliance Obligations With Confidence

As your legally appointed Data Protection Officer we will guide your business through uncertain times.

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As your newly appointed Data Protection Officer we will manage all your Data Protection and GDPR responsibilities

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) Service is the most effective way for you to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Appoint us as your DPO and we will get to work straight away. We use our tried and tested GDPR compliance process to streamline your compliance program.

We understand not every company has the need for a full-time DPO so our solution is designed to scale with your needs.




DPO Salary



What to Expect?

To the Point

We cut straight to the point on difficult GDPR issues.

Pragmatic Approach

We build GDPR compliance programs to fit your business. 

Long Term

We want to be with you in the long term, we do that by delivering quality work

Problems We Solve

Your problems with data protection regulations are not unique. Likely we have seen them before with our clients across multiple industries. Our experience helps us get your business GDPR compliant quickly.


We clearly lay out how the GDPR applies to your business day to day


We translate your GDPR obligations into easy to follow staff procedures


We protect your business from cybersecurity and operational risks


We support your business with a team of experienced Data Protection Officers

Handling Data Protection
the Right Way

Our DPO Service covers all tasks required under Art 37 of the GDPR (minimum mandatory).
Additionally, Apex can take care of all your additional privacy and data protection requirements. We focus on operational compliance with the GDPR. We turn dense data protection policies into a data-driven GDPR compliance program. Because if you can measure it, you can manage it.

Why You Need It?

Achieve GDPR Compliance (Art. 37) DPO requirements
Get access to our team of experienced data protection officers
No DPO conflict of interest
We keep you up to date advice on industry trends
Always available, we don’t get sick or take leave when you need us most

Core Tasks of the DPO

Inform and advise on compliance obligations
Liaise with supervisory authorities
Oversee data subject rights requests
Assess and mitigate cyber risk
Manage third party vendor risk
Execute data breach response plan
Keep policies and procedures up-to-date
Maintain a record of processing activities
Assign lawful basis to processing and validate consent
Conduct and validate DPIAs as required
Conduct staff training
Raise privacy awareness among staff

What We Deliver?

Our DPO Service is based on Access and Evidence. You get access to your DPO through a dedicated mailbox and bi-weekly stand-up meetings. We evidence your GDPR compliance efforts with Quarterly Board Reports and a Compliance Plan.

Bi-Weekly Meeting

Minuted bi-weekly status meeting with your in-house team keeps us in touch with your business.

Dedicated Mailbox

Dedicated mailbox for internal and external queries inc. data breaches and SAR’s

Quarterly Report

Our board Report keeps your executives up to date on your company performance and risks.

Data Protection Plan

We manage your long and short term data protection plan to keep you compliant.

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Introducing the Role of the DPO
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What to look for in a DPO?
Appointing a DPO – Inhouse or Outsourced?
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have lots of questions. Below we have answered the most common questions we get about our Data Protection Officer service. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any other questions you may have or to request a proposal. 

What is included in the quarterly board report?
Everything your board needs to understand how well their data protection obligations are being managed. On a quarterly basis, we lay out actual and potential risks to your business, provide commentary on industry trends and forecasts as well as facts and figures on your compliance program performance.
Are you really always available?
Yes. Our 24/7 breach hotline is always there for you in an emergency. For non-emergencies, we work to an SLA agreed with you in advance.
How long does it take to appoint Apex as our DPO?
You can appoint us very quickly, usually 3-5 working days. Following a scoping workshop where we identify your needs and produce a SOW we can get to work as your DPO.
Does my US company require an EU DPO?
You are not specifically required to appoint an EU DPO, however, you may wish to appoint us as your DPO for European operations given our expertise in this jurisdiction or you may look to augment your current data protection team using our services.
Can you act as our EU Representative?
No. This is not a service we offer as there may be a conflict between the EU Rep and the DPO. We do have a trusted partner in this respect and we will happily refer you.
How is the Apex DPO Service delivered?
We are a digitally enabled company with the ability to deliver our services remotely using the latest communication and governance technology.
We are growing fast, can you keep up?
Yes, 100%. While our competitors are still using spreadsheets, pdf’s and outdated techniques our team of experienced Data Protection Officers are armed with the latest in GDPR compliance technology. We have partnered with leading vendors to provide you with a digitally enabled professional service which can truly scale with your business.
Does the GDPR allow the DPO role to be outsourced?
Yes. Article 37 of the GDPR specifically states that a DPO may be appointed under a services agreement like the one we will have in place.
How do we communicate with our Apex DPO?
Exactly how you would with any other colleague. Email, video chat – whether that be Zoom, Skype for Business or any other platform and we can always come to meet you.
What is the 24/7 breach helpline?
We provide a helpline for all our clients should a breach occur. This ensures we are always there when you need us most. Our helpline is always manned by a qualified DPO who will be there to initiate your data breach response procedures no matter where in the world you are based.
Can we list a person as our DPO on our website?

Yes. You should, in fact, list the contact details of your DPO on all privacy-related documentation. While our agreement will be at a company level you can list one of our individual consultants as your DPO.

Success Stories

We are in the business of building long term relationships.

Apex took time to learn about our business and how we process GDPR personal data. They then created a GDPR compliance program that fit our business model. Apex was the only firm to offer a truly custom package and most importantly, they delivered what they committed to.

Jeremy Helms

CEO, WhatConverts

Our board and our founder now have peace of mind on how we interact and use individual data subject to the GDPR. Apex provides guidance on how to operate according to the GDPR, which is important to as non-complinace can have a big impact on our operations.

Ryan Stevens

Head of Operations, Clutch

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