Not Sure Where to Start with GDPR Compliance?

We assess your business and explain exactly what you will need to do to comply with Europe’s GDPR.

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Our GDPR Assessment is an in-depth review of how your business collects, uses and secures EU data. We assess your current position and clearly explain what you need to do to comply with the GDPR.


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Problems We Solve

We understand that GDPR compliance can seem daunting and complicated. Especially if you do not have the luxury of a Data Protection Officer. Our GDPR assessment brings clarity to your GDPR requirements. Our consultants are qualified Data Protection Officers who will help you to apply the GDPR with minimal disruption to your operations while mitigating risk from non-compliance with the GDPR.


We clearly lay out how the GDPR applies to your business day to day


We translate your GDPR policies into easy to follow staff procedures


We protect your business from the risk of fines and penalties (which also apply to non-EU based companies)


We support your business with experienced GDPR consultants

Why You Need Us?

The GDPR was deployed to cover every possible instance of data usage, across every industry and vertical. It is designed even to cover future technologies concerning biometric data. For this reason, it is called the General Data Protection Regulation, not the Specific Data Protection Regulation. Our assessment takes an in-depth look at your business to produce a set of specific GDPR requirements for you to follow.

What You Get?

A set of GDPR requirements specific to your business
A roadmap to GDPR compliance
Support with operational compliance
Access to qualified Data Protection Officers
The confidence you can meet your GDPR obligations

Get on Top of Your GDPR Compliance Today

How It Works

Our GDPR Assessment has been designed by expert Data Protection Officers and GDPR consultants. Following established methods, we assess your business for GDPR compliance. We present our findings in a plain English report and work with you to develop a risk-based GDPR compliance roadmap.

1. Data Mapping

We analyze and interpret your data usage – identifying what kind of information you collect, how this is stored and how it’s used by your company.

2. GAP Assessment

We carry out an article by article review of GDPR regulation (99 in total) identifying which of these apply to your company and what action you need to take.

3. Compliance Report

We use our in-depth knowledge of GDPR to produce a detailed report on your current standing, which includes an assessment of risks and how to mitigate these.

4. Compliance Road-map

We develop GDPR compliance protocols that seamlessly integrate into any existing procedures, are easy to implement and consider future growth.

Success Stories

We are in the business of building long term relationships.
Feedback from our clients has been largely positive, which is surprising. GDPR is a new and uncomfortable area for many of our clients, so we did not expect such praiseful responses. Our clients appreciate the clarity of our approach, and it’s opened up new business opportunities.
Kevin Michels-Kim

VP Product & Innovation, Merakoi

Tom and his team have been advising throughout the design of our product. Asking the hard questions and giving us confidence that we are designing a product which is completely secure and respects privacy laws across the globe. ApexPriv has become a crucial part of our team and the success of our company
Mike Yap

Founder, Conscious

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