What is required for ISO 27001 certification?

Iso 27001 Certification Requirements

The ISO 27001 standard helps organisations protect their customer’s data from data breaches and other data security risks. The first step towards getting this certification is to understand what it entails. If you are looking for ISO 27001 certification for your company, here are some of the things you need to know about this international standard.

Why Should You Get ISO 27001 Certified?

Getting ISO 27001 certified is a process that involves a lot of steps and procedures that will affect the whole organisation. Although it may take some time and generate new costs. We will show you why the ISO 27001 certification is compelling and desirable: businesses certified under ISO 27001 have spent significant time and resources in data security. Therefore, their clients and partners can be assured they’re working with a company that takes security seriously.

ISO 27001 Certification Validation Overview And Process

As you may already know, ISO 27001 is a rigorous standard. Understanding the processes of getting ISO 27001 certified can help you prepare for a successful audit, be tight on costs, and remove the headaches along the way. 

Here are the steps you need to take to build your path towards the certification: 

01. Create the project plan

Who in the organisation will set the goals, get leadership buy-in, and oversee project milestones? Will you need an ISO 27001 consultant

Hiring outsourced help might be the best approach to most organizations since consultants have all the expertise to help you kick-start your project as soon as possible. 

02. Define the scope for your ISMS

All organisations are unique, and the data they use might defer. When defining the project scope, you will need to consider internal and external factors that could influence your organization’s information security and the needs of interested parties (stakeholders, employees, government, regulators, etc.).

03. Perform a Data Risk Assessment

The starting point for a risk assessment would be to perform a thorough gap analysis, which is a review of all the existing data security arrangements against the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001. 

The gap analysis will result in the remediation plan, which will outline all the new measures and procedures the organization will need to either implement or remediate. 

04. Design and implement policies and control to mitigate risk

With the remediation plan in hand, it is time to design and implement all the new policies and procedures to mitigate the identified data risks.

It is crucial to document all policies and procedures since the auditor will review them during the certification audit. 

05.Conduct Staff Awareness Training

With 95% of data breaches occurring due to human errors, it is safe to say that conducting security awareness training for employees is a crucial part of the whole data security process. It ensures that everyone within your organization understands the importance of data security and their role in achieving business safety and compliance. 

What is the ISO 27001 Process Involved to Get Certified?

The certification process will occur in three phases. 

  1. Your organization needs to hire a certification body to conduct an overview of the ISMS. 

  2. The certification body performs an in-depth audit where they will check the organization’s ISMS framework against the ISO 27001 standards. 

  3. The certification body schedules follow-up audits to ensure continuous compliance. 

Although the ISO 27001 benefits are rigorous, having the trust of your clients, prospects, and partners is an immeasurable benefit for business growth and sales cycle reduction. 

So are you ready to begin? Contact us for a free consultation. Our cyber security consultants will help you reduce the time and effort required to implement an ISMS. 

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Source: ISO/IEC 27001

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Get our Free Guide to the ISO
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