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We are big advocates of the Privacy by Design principle. This approach is based on the thought that data protection in data processing procedures is best adhered to when it is already integrated into the technology and new ideas when they are being created.

So, before starting any new activity or developing a new framework, we always keep these questions in mind:

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  • 1

    Do we need all this personal data collected?
  • 2

    Is it impossible to offer the required functionality without that data?
  • 3

    Does the system become that much more efficient or easy to use because of how we process personal data?
  • 4

    Is there room to apply privacy by design to create a more privacy-friendly version of the system our company needs?

For example, imagine that a pharmacy offers discounts for regular customers. Every customer is identified through their social security number or their pictures. However, it’s unproportionate to require so much information only to offer a discount. The pharmacy could provide the customer with the same discount by simply assigning them a random customer number.

This exercise is important because, frequently, privacy comes as an afterthought (if a thought at all). As a result, we end up processing a significant amount of personal data unnecessarily.

Since we always think about privacy in our first steps, we are confident that we only collect the data necessary (data minimisation) and that the data is collected for a legitimate purpose.

Additionally, our professionals are highly qualified and experts in all data privacy matters. The same principles we use to help our clients achieve compliance are applied in-house.

We continuously seek to adhere to the highest Data Privacy standards!