Apex Trust Center

You trust your data to us. We keep it safe!

Want to know how to embed privacy and security in your company DNA too?

SECURITY - Keeping your Business Safe

Security and privacy go hand in hand. It must be an inherent part of all products and services development,
an integral component of the company core.

At Apex, we take security seriously

Apex has documented procedures for dealing with data breaches, recovery plans, and a robust information security policy. Our security framework consists of an ongoing evaluation of our defenses and continuous improvement of our prevention, identification, and response to risks. We ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability through several measures, such as role-based access and data replication in multiple geographically separated data centers.
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How we safeguard your data

Apex uses world-leading security solutions to protect our service and keep our clients’ data safe.

We use BitDefender to ensure business safety

GravityZone by BitDefender is a resource-efficient security solution that uses proven machine learning techniques, behavioral analysis, and continuous monitoring of running processes, offering protection against all types of malware (ransomware, phishing, zero-days).

What type of protection controls and technologies do we get from BitDefender:

  • Layered Protection from Endpoints
  • Ransomware Prevention & Mitigation
  • Single-Console For Easy Management
  • Web-based Security
  • Protection with Endpoint Risk Management
  • Network Attack Defense
Risk Analytics and Hardening – Prevention – Detection & Response – Reporting & Integration

Google Workspace - Protection provided by Google

As a team in Apex, we use Google Workspace to create and collaborate because of its trusted cloud infrastructure, with security built in by design. Google is an ISO-certified provider, and its Cloud platform encrypts customer content stored at rest, without any action required from the customer. It is a safe option to create and share work documentation.

We use Dashlane to keep our passwords secure

Dashlane is a business password management tool that also provides dark web monitoring and accounts takeover protection. We use Dashlane to create compelling and hard-to-guess passwords for all the accounts we use. Its security features include 2-Factor Authentication, military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, and zero-trust architecture.

We believe Privacy and Security are a window of opportunities. With risk mitigation, compliance fosters a relationship of trust between the businesses and their clients and stakeholders, and it provides a deeper understanding of the business processes, generating insights and new revenue.