Recent Investigations Announced by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC)

The consequences of investigations, fines, and rulings can have a negative effect on your company’s customer growth, its brand, as well as its financial prospects.

Per a recent article in ZDNET and other sources:

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) has launched separate investigations into how Google and Tinder process and manage user data. Irish regulators will seek to understand whether or not the tech giant — with respect to Google Ireland Limited — has a legal basis for processing user location data and whether or not these processes are transparent enough to satisfy GDPR.

The DPC has also launched an inquiry into MTCH Technology Services Limited, the parent company of mobile app dating service Tinder, in relation to how the firm processes the personal data of users. A statutory inquiry will investigate how user data is processed, whether or not transparency requirements under GDPR have been met, and if MTCH is meeting its obligations when it comes to data subject requests and rights.” Apex Privacy is located in Dublin and can build a successful GDPR Compliance Program for your company.

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